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Dry Fruits and Vegetables

make dry fruits by hot air fruit drying and dehydrating machine

make dried vegetable by microwave dehydrator

make dried mushroom by dehydrator machine

make dried fruits by microwave fruit drying machine

drying fruit

 Food drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving food for later use.
Drying removes the moisture from the food so bacteria, yeast and mold cannot grow and spoil the food.
Dried fruits are unique, tasty and nutritious; vegetables can also be preserved by drying.
Begin by washing the fruits & vegetables and peeling, if needed.
For drying, they can be cut in half or cut into smaller shapes and some can be left whole.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machine-to Help Drying Fruits and Vegetables

water bubble vegetable washing machinewater bubble vegetable washing machine

fruit and vegetable washing and peeling machinefruit and vegetable washing and peeling machine

multifunctional vegetable cutting machinemultifunctional vegetable cutting machine

centrifugal hydro extrcatorcentrifugal hydro extrcator

hot air fruit drying and dehydrating machinehot air fruit drying and dehydrating machine

microwave vegetable dehydratormicrowave vegetable dehydrator  

microwave fruit drying machinemicrowave fruit drying machine

microwave sterilization ripening machinemicrowave sterilization ripening machine