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Cleaning of Ice Cream Machine (1)

In scorching summer, ice cream is one of the most favorite foods.
So how to use ice cream machine properly, ensure the machine running well, clean and maintain correctly, and extend the service life?

Cleaning of ice cream machine refrigeration cylinder:
You must clean the refrigeration cylinder once each day
1. Press cleaning button. Discharge all the material in cylinder and then press stop button.
2. Add disinfectant to warm water and pour them into material to make the water of two cylinders is the same.
3. Press cleaning button to rabble about five minutes, and discharge the water.
4. Clean with the clear water 2 or 3 times, stop the machine.
5. Turn off the power, then unpick and wash the various spare parts.

Removal methods of ice cream machine:
a. Screw out the nails of valve and take out the components.
b. Drawn the hand grip pin, hand grip, valve rod and sealing ring from the valve.
c. Take out the stirrer from refrigeration cylinder to get the sealing ring.
d. Clean all the parts taken off. Inspect and replace worn or damaged parts in time.

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