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Flavorful Sausage Making Tip


Yup, sausage making is a lot of fun. It's pretty easy too, as long as you've got the basics down.
We'll make the best, most flavorful, most flat-out-delicious sausage you've ever eaten.

- Keeping everything as clean as possible helps eliminate harmful bacteria that could lead to the contamination of your meat. Keeping things as cool as possible helps retard the growth of any remaining bacteria (and there are always SOME bacteria).
-Meat Gringer: After meat is all ground, it has probably warmed up from the whole process. It is a good time to cool it down by putting it in the fridge or a cooler with some ice.
- Soak the Fibrous Casing and Natural Casings for 30 min before using. Collagen middles need to be soaked in Saltwater.
- Meat Mixer: Once your meat has been ground, seasonings must be blended with the meat before you load it into a sausage stuffer. Mixers make quick work of this process; evenly blending the seasonings in half the time a person could mix by hand. The sausage spices, of course, will vary with the recipe you have chosen and the amount of meat you are making into sausage.
- Add 1 oz. of water per 1lb meat when mixing sausage meat before filling your casing.
- Check for nicks in your casing before filling.
- Fill your casing with meat.
- Sausage Tying Machine: At last what needs to be done is to tie the sausage off into links of what ever size you want.

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