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How to Solve Problem of Ice Cream Molding



During the operation of ice cream machine, sometimes the molding or forming of ice cream is not ideal.

The viscosity of soft ice cream is best and it is easiest to mold at -7 ~ 8 ℃. The temperature is controlled by refrigeration system of frozen cylinder. Whether the refrigeration system of frozen cylinder works, it is determined by the current of mixing motor. For some ice cream machine, when the control current reaches 1.8A, the refrigeration compressor and mixed motor stop working.

Beside these improper operations such as incorrectly proportioned milk pulp, low viscosity of the product or too fast discharge, you can check that if there is mechanical failure of soft ice cream machine.
Firstly, check the scraper in cylinder. If the scraper is badly worn or damaged, it could not scrape the product on the surface inside of the frozen cylinder which is up the standard of temperature.
Secondly, soft ice cream machine commonly adopts the air-cooled condenser. If by the dimensional limitation, hunger group did not have enough heat dissipation space around, or on the flat is too thick sulphuric acid, can reduce the heat transfer effect condenser, and even cause refrigeration compressor stop. Need to check regularly scraper wear, and change in time. Soft ice cream machine unit shall be in strict accordance with the installation requirements for installation, keep enough heat dissipation empty asked, the condenser should as far as possible in the position of the good ventilation, and regularly for cleaning of the condenser

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