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How to Improve of Modernization in Catering Industry



How to improve the level of technology and modernization is the most serious problem to face in catering industry.

In recent years, catering industry develop rapidly. Not only food variety, but also the number of restaurant and hotel increases rapidly. They are of various types emerging in endlessly and fiercely competing in the industry. Most still adopt the traditional manual skill and traditional formula for production. The kitchen equipment is poor, the intensity of labor is heavy, and the hygienic conditions are unsatisfying.

With the help of treatment equipment in market or food industry, such as vegetable cutting, slicing and dicing machine, egg peeling machine, dough processing machine, and meat processing machine, the material can be processed in big scale with high quality. It can simplify the complex pretreatment of raw materials, be conducive to improving the catering industry standardization degree, is expected to improve the content of science and technology.

It can highlight the advantages of centralized production, improve unit quality of product, and also guarantee special requirements of color, smell, taste and shape to meet the needs of the people. Centralized processing raw materials improves the comprehensive utilization and reduce the waste and cost.

Amisy supplies the food processing machines meeting the urgent need of the international market. With the advanced equipment and processing technology, our products have higher quality, more new varieties, and a reasonable price.