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Development of China's Meat Processing Machinery






 In the mid-80s of last century, in order to improve the meat processing technology, our country began to import meat processing equipment from Europe. From then on, China's meat processing enterprise began to recognize and understand modern processing equipment, technology and products; meat processing machinery manufacturer also began to contact the advanced meat processing equipment and developed our own products with advanced foreign technology for twenty years.

Reviewing the development of meat processing machinery, the achievement is outstanding. Our country has nearly 200 manufacture factories which produce more than 90% of the meat processing equipment covering almost all processing field, such as brine injector machine, meat smoking machine, meat slicing machine, etc. With the development of meat food industry, there is more and more new meat processing plants that need a lot of processing equipments. These equipments have played a great role in promoting the development of the meat industry. In addition to the domestic sales, there have been many enterprises beginning to develop the market abroad.

Europe's meat processing machinery is most advanced in the world. But with the revaluation of euro and the rise of the international status of "made in China", more and more countries begin to be interested in our country's equipments. In the past two years the foreign merchants came to china purchasing meat processing equipment are increasing gradually, and also our country export meat machinery manufacturers are.

The performance and quality of our meat processing equipment have improved quite a lot, and the price is reasonable, so it is inevitable that our products enter the international market. But we should remember we are representative of "made in China", not only being responsible for the enterprise itself, but also for our country. 

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