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Rich Nutrient of Chestnut



Chestnut is native to China, containing rich nutrition and tonifying kidney and spleen. It is known as the king of the dried fruit in china and ginseng fruit in foreign countries.

Nutrient of Chestnut
Vitamin content of raw chestnut is as high as 40 ~ 60 mg. It is difficult to imagine that vitamin C content in fresh chestnut is more than tomatoes, even ten times more than apple! The mineral Chestnut contains is also very comprehensive, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, etc. Although the content can not reach the so high levels of hazelnut and melon seeds, it is still much higher than ordinary fruit like apple and pear. Especially the content of potassium is 4 times richer than apple.
In the past, the workers removed the husk of chestnut all by hand. The long-term work made the hands seriously injured, and the yield was very low. It is more than ten kilograms one day.

Amisy food processing machinerysupplies the chestnut shelling machine, which is not only with high output, and also convenient to operate. This machine solves big problem labor and time.

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