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Safety Procedures of Meat Slicers

meat slicer

1. Caution!  The blade is extremely sharp. Handle the blade carefully when cleaning, removing and inserting. Do not touch the sharp edge if the blade. It is recommended that cut-proof Kevlar gloves be worn when handling the blade.  Never touch the blade when the meat slicer is in use.
2. Be careful, the Blade continues to spin after the Meat Slicer has been turned off. Wait for the Blade to stop. Never try to stop the blade in any way whatsoever. Do not touch moving parts.  Personal injury may result.
3. Remove the Blade periodically to clean behind. Clean with hot soapy water. Carefully wipe Blade with rubbing alcohol and allow drying.
4. Periodically inspect the Blade diameter. Do not use the meat slicer if the diameter of the blade has decreased by 3/8 (0.95 cm). Replace the blade if necessary.
5. Do not use the Meat Slicer without the food. Pusher and the food carriage secured into place.
6. Always disconnect Meat Slicer from power source before servicing, changing accessories, when the Meat Slicer is not in use or cleaning the unit.  Return the thickness adjustment knob all the way to the  position after use to properly shield the sharp edge of the Blade.
7. Plug the Meat Slicer into a standard 120 Volt, 60 Hz wall outlet. 
8. Do not use the Meat Slicer if the Power Cord, Plug or any other parts are damaged. Do not use with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner. 
If the Meat Slicer is damaged, call Customer Service to return the Meat Slicer for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment. Do not attempt to replace the cord. Be sure to not allow the power cord to drape into your work area or onto hot surfaces. Check that all parts are operating properly, and perform the intended functions. Check for alignment of moving parts or any other conditions that may affect the operation.
9. Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers. Doing so will volid your warranty and may cause fire, electrical shock or injury.
10. To protect against risk of electrical shock: do not submerge the meat slicer into water or liquid. Be sure the meat slicer is disconnected from the power source before cleaning. Wash all parts by hand and thoroughly dry. Thoroughly clean all parts that will come in contact with food before using the appliance. Never rinse appliance Meat Slicer under tap, only use a moist cloth to clean the body/motor.