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Select Right Location For Mobile Food Business



Selecting the right site for your mobile food business is a very important step when trying to find a centralized point for your target audience.

Who are your customers and where will you find them? There are several demographic groups that can provide potential customers. Who you focus on influences your menu, locations, and daily schedule of food preparation.

You might focus on the breakfast or lunch crowd at office parks, where quick service is crucial. Other options are tourists, who might want to experience your home-town favorites, or event attendees who want a bite to eat between innings or before the headlining band goes on.
Still another option is late-nighters, those hungry club-goers craving the types of gluttonous, greasy snacks best consumed after midnight.
Setting up at special events can also provide a huge boost in foot traffic during off hours or weekends. Keep a calendar and plan ahead for upcoming events and festivals.
If you’re going to sell ice cream, the best location may not be for you to park in front of an existing ice cream establishment.
The mobility inherent in a food cart or food truck business provides you with options on easy relocation, or establishing multiple locations throughout the day or week.

Get involved with the areas you plan on setting up in. Introduce yourself to local business owners, the neighborhood business association, and the Chamber of Commerce.
Don’t be afraid to talk to other food vendors for advice on locations. Some areas of your city have additional restrictions on placement in the public right-of-way. Neighborhood and community events also can have temporary sidewalk restrictions and require your business to go through an application process to operate during those events.

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