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How to Start a Mobile Food Business

Mobile food businesses have exploded over the past several years. If a mobile food operation is a business that you’re considering, then allow us to provide some detailed instructions on how to get one up and running with the assistance and advice.

Going Mobile: Your Options
Even before you decide what foods to sell, you'll want to consider how you want to sell them. There are several options, including the ubiquitous food truck, food kiosks, food carts and catering trucks.

concession food trailer

electric food cart

food truck

hand push cart

Typical Customers
There are several demographic groups that can provide potential customers. Who you focus on influences your menu, locations, and daily schedule of food preparation. You might focus on the breakfast or lunch crowd at office parks, where quick service is crucial. Other options are tourists, who might want to experience your home-town favorites, or event attendees who want a bite to eat between innings or before the headlining band goes on. Still another option is late-nighters, those hungry club-goers craving the types of gluttonous, greasy snacks best consumed after midnight.

Startup Costs
There's no set formula for determining how much it costs to start a mobile food business. The field is broad, and there are too many possibilities. Such as your initial food bill, permits and registrations, marketing costs, initial ingredients, permits and licenses, kitchen supplies, marketing and promotion, and packaging. But, compared to a restaurant, it is not bad for starting a business. The point is that startup costs can vary greatly. You need to do the math on your plans before spending any money so you do not run out before you get started.

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