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Current Supply & Demand of International Vegetable Market
The just released statistics of United Nations food and agricultural organization show that there is a great gap on the international vegetable market in nearly years and the momentum of vegetable export is deemed optimistic. The demand of international market for green vegetables is increasing by years, of which the market capacity is up to 50 million tons.With the rising demand of vegetables, there is a booming trend of vegetable processing industry.

Many varieties of vegetables in international market are very competitive, especially in Southeast Asia, European and American market. Our country, as the biggest country on global vegetable production and trade, has the varieties of vegetables and the rich agricultural labor force. The health benefits of onions, carrots and potatoes, which any other food can't replace, give a rise to a sharp increase of demand and bring out great opportunities to the export for these vegetables. And on the international market, the needs of varieties and flavors of green vegetables are steadily increased.
At present, the processed vegetable is 25% of total vegetables in developed country. The demand quantity of processed vegetable in European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions is growing. The reason is that the degree of vegetable self-sufficient of these countries and regions keep declining, such as: Canada is 77%, UK is 76%, Japan is 50%, and Switzerland is 42.6%. At the same time the developed countries such as the United States and European countries strongly advocate the vegetable diet.

Amisy Machinery supplies the vegetable processing machines meeting the urgent need of the international market for the vegetable products. With the advanced equipment and processing technology, our products have higher quality, more new varieties, and a reasonable price. as long as reasonable project for market camp pin strategy and plan, will open the situation in the short term and get high share of the market.