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Food and Beverage Machinery Industry Development Trends

People has put forward higher requirements for food and beverage products as the improvement of the living standard, thus the food and beverage industry step toward the direction of diversification and health. And the diversification of beverage demand is promoting the follow-up of beverage innovative thinking as well as the development of beverage machinery industry. Now the beverage machinery enterprise scale is much larger than the previous ones. And from large amount of investigation, we can see that the development of food and beverage machinery industry shows the following trends:


The higher for the requirements of production efficiency, the better.
Because this can reduce the cost of the products and meet the delivery date. For example, high-speed packing machine is required to have related connection with the previous procedure so there is no need for the carrying process, thus is labor-saving and reduce the density of labor. Especially for those large-scale production line, from the pre-processing to final packaging, the whole operation is highly automated, with high production efficiency, low energy consumption also realize the humanization operation. What’s more, it can make high quality final beverage products and enhance the commercial value.
Capable of adapting to the products updating and changes.
In order to adapt to the upgrading and changes of beverage products, the beverage machinery equipment should have high flexibility. Because the life cycle of the products is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, and it’s inevitable that you can’t always change the expensive production line to satisfy product changes. So we need to exploit the food and beverage equipments which are suitable for the ever-changing market demands.
Rapid elimination of common faults for the equipments.
It’s good choice to input the solutions in the computer, and when the common fault appears , the machine can diagnose itself. Besides, you can also implement the remote diagnosis to discover the faults and eliminate them.
Upgrade technology, new products and equipments generation, management and operation ability enhancement is also the voice of the majority people.According to the analysis of beverage industry marketing personnel, now the development trend of food & beverage machinery is toward higher quality and speed, higher accuracy as well as large-scale beverage equipment line. In order to adapt to the industrial production for beverage, and meet the needs for getting optimal economic benefits, beverage machinery and equipments are more likely to realize upsizing. In addition, multifunction will gradually become the important tendency in the future.

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