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Analysis of Global Food Packing Market

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For years, the global food packing market has maintained a steady growth, just had a transient decline in the world's financial crisis in 2009. Then what is the strong power to promote the emerging of food packing market? According to large amount of investigation and data, we find that the main factors for the expansion of food packing market are the worldwide city population increasing and the increasing amount of career woman. And due to the improvement of people's living standard, people have put forward higher requirements on the food industry, so nowadays more and more food has been toward the direction of healthy, green, convenient and functional food development. The related reports indicate that the global food packaging market can be seen to have reached a plateau in terms of technology and its ability to protect and extend the life of the food stuffs within the packaging. Going forward, food processors and packaging partners likely will turn to branding solutions and qualified packing machinery to help drive growth and increase sales.
Food Packaging Materials and Machinery
Overall, in 2012 the packaging supplier pays more attention to personalized packaging, tracking and transaction requirements as well as the new labeling and coding technology; and packaging buyers were concerned about the interests of consumers and new packaging materials. Here we will give a brief introduction of the packaging materials and the packing machinery.

food packing machinery

Looking at the materials used in the global food packaging market, different countries favor different materials such as America prefers paperboard while Brazil likes glass, but generally speaking, there is a clear trend that plastics are the most favorable materials and in the most demand simply due to their costs and performance as a malleable material and ability to cope in almost all environments.
Well, as for the food packaging machinery, currently almost all the food processing equipments show solicitude for the safety and hygiene problems when they are originally designed. The packing equipments used in our food industry adopt advanced technology, using good quality stainless steel and realize high automation degree, the main types including: granular packing machine, powder packing machine, liquid packing machine, vacuum packing machine as well as full-automatic packing production line. Of course advanced packaging machinery should match with excellent techniques so that they can mutually promote and perfect each other, thus enhancing the development of food packing industry.

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