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Broad Application of Food Vacuum Machine

In recent years, with people’s increasing demand of food quality, the techniques for food processing is developing rapidly. And vacuum technology, as a kind of advanced and practical food processing method, is now applied in many fields thus some relevant equipments appear simultaneously, like food vacuum packaging machine, beverage vacuum filling machine, microwave vacuum drying machine for food, etc. Now let’s talk about these equipments together.
First, Food Vacuum Packaging Machine.

food vaccum machine

Why vacuum packing?
Vacuum packaging is a effective method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. It can involve both rigid and flexible types of packaging. The intent is usually to remove oxygen from the container to extend the shelf life of foods to protect it against external elements, and with flexible package forms to reduce the volume of the contents and package.
Food vacuum packaging machine
The food vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuum packing of all kinds of food, meat products, marine products, fruits and vegetables as well as medical devices. Generally, there are four main types: desk type vacuum packaging machine, single chamber vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine and three-dimensional bag vacuum packaging machine.
We specialize in various food machinery, our double chamber vacuum packaging machine, equipped with automatic coding system according to customers’ requirements, good sealing quality and high efficiency, which is your reliable expert for scale production food packing.
Second, Microwave Vacuum Food Drying Equipment.
Microwave vacuum drying means that adopting special microwave selective heating method to heat and dry materials under vacuum condition, and using vacuum pump for air exhaust and humidity removing. Vacuum microwave drying equipment is mainly applied to the dehydration of high added value and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials. Besides, it’s also suitable for low temperature condense of chemical industry products and drying of enzyme preparation.
Microwave vacuum drying equipment has its own incomparable superiorities. On one hand, it can effectively maintain the original flavor and nutrition content of the materials, also improve the additional value of the final products. On the other hand, compared to traditional drying method, it can greatly save energy and increase the heating and drying efficiency due to the penetrating characteristic for microwave.

juice filling

Third, Beverage Vacuum Filling Machine
Beverage vacuum filling machine is for filling under the circumstance while the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure. Using vacuum technology, after the air in the container is pumped completely then the filling process begin. The filling quantity and speed can be adjusted based on different products. It is ideal liquid filling equipment applicable to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, especially suitable for various beverage filling, like juice, vegetable juice, mineral water, carbonated beverage and so on. The vacuum filling method can reduce the contact of liquid and air, as a result, effectively prevent oxidation and prolong the shelf life of the products.

Food vacuum machine has a tendency of developing toward the direction of more efficient, automatization and energy saving, also strive to adopt new technology, so it still has a long way to go. Thus we can see a good development momentum.