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  • Fish Flesh Separator
    Fish Flesh Separator

    By extracting the fish flesh from the screening hole, this machine can achieve to separate the flesh from the fishbone, thus saving labour and time.

  • Fish Cutting Machine
    Fish Cutting Machine

    The fish cutting machine is the essential equipment of fish processing and aquaculture, it can cut fish into different kinds of shapes.

  • Poultry Gizzard Oil Removing Machine
    Poultry Gizzard Oil Removing Machine

    1.High yield, de-oiling clean, the de-oiling rate can up to 98% 2.Easy to operate, durable and long service life

  • Automatic Hamburger Patty Forming Machine
    Automatic Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

    The automatic hamburger patty forming machine can automatically complete filling,forming,sticker,output and other process,it is suitable for various raw material and can make kinds of different products.

  • Gas Vertical Broiler
    Gas Vertical Broiler

    The gas vertical broiler can be applied to home,supermarket,fair.It is safe and easy to operate,can roast all kinds of meat.

  • Meat Dicer Machine
    Meat Dicer Machine

    The meat dicer machine can accurately cut the meat into cube, slice, wires, strip with high work efficiency. Adjustable dicing size from 4mm to 30mm

  • Bone Crushing Machine
    Bone Crushing Machine

    Our bone crushing machine is best known for it durability and reliable performance for crushing various kinds of animal bones such as beef bone, pork bone, sheep bone,etc.

  • Membrane Skinner
    Membrane Skinner

    Membrane skinner is to remove the membrane and all connected sinews from the meat surface.Especially for beef, pork,veal, chicken, mutton, lamb and horse meat,etc.

  • Fish Speed Cleaning Machine
    Fish Speed Cleaning Machine

    fish speed cleaning machine is characterized by fish back dissecting and fish guts removing , membrane cleaning and so on.The capacity reach 2400 pieces/h.

  • Chicken Feet Cutting Machine
    Chicken Feet Cutting Machine

    Chicken feet machine made of stainless steel is used in chicken feet industry, cutting accurately and neatly, without adhesion and bone chips. It runs stable with low noise, has a long service life, is easy to maintain and operate, saves labor and cos

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