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Ultra-low Temperature Blast Freezer
Model: AMSFMF25
Capacity: 600L/H
Power source: 1.8KW
Dimensions 1250*910*1700mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Ultra-low Temperature Blast Freezer Introduction
The blast freezer is one kind of freezers, and it is a professional instrument that is mainly used for commerce to save and preserve kinds of foods which need freezing. The blast freezer can freeze the food in minimum time so that the multiple nutrition and fresh flavor of the food can be kept.

Ultra-low Temperature Blast Freezer Features
1. This machine has the powerful refrigerating system and heat exchanger.
2. It has Italian ASPERA compressor, blast evaporimeter, and dual cooling system.
3. For its microcomputer temperature control, its cooling temperature is adjustable.
4. The chamber is made of double-sided stainless steel plate. And the PU insulating layer is 120mm-thick and high-density polyurethane foam material.
5. It is equipped with copper pipes, double radiator.    
6. It is noncorrosive and has luxury appearance.

The Tips for Choosing Blast Freezer for Your Business
The upgrade of products and technological evolution make the modern freezer significantly more efficient than the aged equipment. Here are some tips for you to choose blast freezer.
1. Business Size and Product VolumeBefore you go to purchase a new system, you should carefully consider your current product volume and the current size of your business. Choosing a system that matches your business size and meets its short-term expansion needs is a better bet than investing huge amounts in equipment that won’t be fully utilized.
2. Consider the FutureThinking about the state of the economy, the profit you will get, and the expansion of your business in the future, then you can choose the right blast freezer for your business.
3. Maintenance SchedulesNot all blast freezers are designed for constant use and infrequent maintenance cycles. You should find out if the freezing solutions you’re considering require any special technical support, if your employees are trained to operate it, so that the machine can have a long-term service life.

Ultra-low Temperature Freezer Technology Data

Model Power Voltage   Capacity Temperature Weight Cabinet    Refrigerant Dimension
AMSFMF25 1.8KW 220V/50HZ 600L/H -20~-25℃ 250kg 1010*660*820mm R22 1250*910*1700mm


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