Animal Bone Crushing Machine-Durable, Efficient and Easy Operation
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Bone Crushing Machine
Model: SGJ-420
Capacity: 300-600kg/h
Power source: 11kw
Dimensions 120×90×160cm
Guarantee: 1 year
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Bone Crushing Machine Introduction
Our hot sale bone crushing machine is best known for it durability and reliable performance for crushing various kinds of animal bones. Bone crushers is made from the super quality alloy steel which is processed by special heating process, ensuing a durable and heavy load design. The output of our animal bone crusher is always the finest of bone powder each time. Easy operation and high efficiency is always a point of focus attracting customers.

Animal Bone Crusher Application
1. The bone crushing machine is most suitable for crushing bone of 5-80 mm, the output particle size is of 3-5mm.
2. This bone crushing machine is specially designed for grinding fresh/dry animal bones such as beef bone, pork bone, sheep bone, donkey bone, fish bone, chicken,etc.
3. The ground bone particle can be further processed by bone grinding machine which make the particle size into bone paste.
4. Wide application in the following industry Food industry: sausage, luncheon meat, meatball, compound seasonings, bone powder, bone soup, puffing snacks, food ingredients and other frozen fast food; Pet food industry and Bio-pharmacy industry

Bone Crushing Machine Design Features & Advantages

cutting blade of bone crushing machine

☆ Optimal structure design of cutting blade has improved single blade shearing force and impacting resistance.
☆ The cutting blades are made of superiority alloy steel, durable and wear-resistant.
☆ The electric motor is equipped with overload protective device which can ensure safe operation.☆ The feeding hopper is made of stainless steel material, noise insulation.
☆ Can be used with a conveyor to reduce labor intensity, realizing automatic in and our of the material.
☆ Compact structure and reliable performance.
☆ Adjustable particle size and high efficiency.

grinding head of the bone grinding mill

Highly Recommended Relevant Bone Grinding Machine
After the bone processed by bone crushing machine, the bone particle size is about 3-5mm, for further processing to get fine bone paste, a bone grinding machine is necessary. Paste grinding machine is widely used in other industries as well as bone processing, such as nuts paste, jam, peanut butter, cod liver oil, etc. The grinding head can be changed according the material hardness.

Beef Bone Paste Processing Flowchart

bone paste production by our bone crushing machine

Bone Crushing Machine Working Video



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