Automatic Fish Cutting Machine/Fish Cutter With Reasonable Price
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Fish Cutting Machine
Model: AUSQY300/AUSQY600
Capacity: 200-400kg/h/400-600kg/h
Power source: 1.5Kw 220V/2.2Kw380V
Dimensions 520*350*800mm/710*660*1010mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Fish Cutting Machine Introduction
The fish cutting machine is the essential equipment of fish processing and aquaculture, it can cut fish into different kinds of shapes such as filleting, segment, strip, blocks and so on. The fish cutting machine can process any species of fresh fish, micro-frozen fish.

Fish Cutting Machine Characteristic
1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean and hygiene.
2. The fish can be automatically cut into different shapes, like fillet, shred, strip, etc.
3. The size of the cutted fish is uniform, stability, convenient to eating.
4. Simple to operate, well designed, high efficiency.
5. High quality, large production and reasonable price.
6. The size can be customized by the customers.
7. It can be used in food factory for processing crisp fried fish, spiced fish and steamed fish fillets, etc.

Fish Cutting Machine Working Principle
Fish cutting machine is used the left and right high-speed rotation of the circular blade to cut fish quickly and evenly, broken trash falls from the slice mouth, after one or more times cut into suitable fillets.

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Fish Sawing Machine Working Video

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