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Fish Flesh Separator
Model: 150/200 A/200 B/300/350
Capacity: 180-1500KG/h
Power source: 1.5 KW/2.2 KW/3 KW/7.5 KW
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Fish Flesh Separator Introduction
Fish flesh separator is mainly used for collecting and extracting the fish flesh with stainless steel rotary drum which is designed with screening holes in it. By extracting the fish flesh from the screening hole, this machine can achieve to separate the flesh from the fish bone, thus saving labour and time. This fish flesh separator has various models that is not only suitable for large scale production but also for home use. The extracted fish flesh can be directly used to make minced fillet products such as fish ball, fish noodle, fish gelatin,fish dumplings, etc.

fish flesh separator is used for collecting and extracting fish flesh

Fish Flesh Separator Features
1. The fish flesh separator has highlighted features of convenience, delicate design, easy operation, saving energy, safe to use and sanitary.
2. Driven by enclosed gear, the fish flesh separator is of compact structure, reliable performance and easy maintenance
3. The machine nose and parts contacting food are made of high class stainless steel which is safe and pollution-free.
4. The fish deboning machine is of linear design which is easy to clean.
5. This machine can work with other machines like meat ball machine and refrigerated cabinet, etc.

We also have
fish scale removing machine, and fish ball machine for your choice.

Fish Flesh Separator Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Material Dimension
150 1.5 KW 180KG/h    General steel 800*550*800 mm
200 A 2.2 KW 250 KG/h General steel 800*650*900 mm
200 B 2.2 KW 250 KG/h SUS304 900*700*1100 mm   
300 3 KW 500 KG/h SUS304 900*750*1250 mm
350 7.5 KW 1500KG/h SUS304 1300*1000*1050 mm



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