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Fish Speed Cleaning Machine
Model: AMS 01-1030A
Capacity: 30-40 pieces/min
Power source: 9 kw
Dimensions 5×1.8×2.3 m
Guarantee: 1 year
Delivery time: 45-50 days after receive clients’ deposit.

Fish Killing & Cleaning Machine Introduction
AMS 01-1030A fish speed cleaning machine is characterized by fish back dissecting and fish guts removing , membrane cleaning and so on. Just need one person to put the fishes into the machine in order, the machine will complete the operation automatically. It is very easy to be operated and also an ideal machine to save cost & labor.

Fish Speed Cleaning Machine Features
★ Fish speed cleaning machine has a special designed water spraying system, which not only cleans the fish, but also helps the fish moving forward during the dissecting process.
★ Fish cleaning machine is controlled by PLC program and optoelectronic real-time system with Hybrid Synergy Drive, takes use of vacuum tank to extract the fish internal organs .
★ This machine is highly efficient. The capacity reach 2400 fish per hour when the average weight is 1kg per fish.
★ This machine can smoothly dissect the fish’s back in the middle.
★ The vacuum tank can extract 60% internal organs, and the remaining organs and membrane will be cleaned by brush wheel. At last, the 99% internal organs can be cleaned. And the membrane removal rate can reach about 95%.

Fish Speed Cleaning Machine Advantages

◆ Stainless Steel
◆ Suitable for a variety of fish,widely used.
◆ With latest technology and unique design;
◆ Machines can be customized according to your requirements;
◆ Just needing 1-2 workers to operate, labor-saving, small land occupancy and investment;

fish speed cleaning machine is mainly used for killing and cleaning fishes

1. Trade terms: EXW
2. Date of Delivery: 45-50 days after receive clients’ deposit.
3. MOQ: 2 set
4. Payment term: paid by T/T,West union, L/C
5. Packing: Export standard wood case package
6. Quality Guarantee Terms
Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self. ( Various equipments would be provided according to customer’s special requirements. Our company shall reserve the right to modify all technical information and size. )
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Fish Speed Cleaning Machine Working Video

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