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Frozen Meat Slicing Machine
Model: BR-960
Capacity: 800-1000kg/hour
Power source: 380v/220v/4kw
Dimensions 1500*780*1300mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Introduction
Amisy frozen meat flaker is widely used in meat processing industry to flake or slice various kinds of frozen meat products such as sausages, poultry, steak for further processing. You just need to feed the frozen meat, turn on the switch and it works automatically. The advanced design makes the sliced thicknesses adjustable, from 5mm-10mm.

Frozen Meat Slicer Features
1. High quality stainless steel measures up food hygiene standard.         2. Simple operation and maintenance, stable working process.
3. Small land occupancy and large slicing capacity.                                  4. Continuous operation.

Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Working Video

Sweet Tips- Frozen Meat Is Better

1. Compared to the fresh meat, frozen meat has no or less bacteria. Because the low temperature can freeze most bacteria to death.
2. The fresh meat is too sour, while the sour ingredients in frozen meat has been processed before put into the refrigeratory, thus frozen meat are more palatable.

frozen meat cutting can be easy by using frozen meat slicer

our frozen meat slicing machine can cut frozen meat into slices with different thickness

our frozen meat slicer has wide uses

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