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Gas Vertical Broiler
Model: AMSFM-Y34/3
Capacity: 20kg/batch
Power source: 350W
Dimensions 545*680*1040mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Gas Vertical Broiler Introduction
As one of the popular fast food around world, the barbecue food is famous with its simple making method and unique taste. Amisy gas vertical broiler is designed to make kinds of barbecue products to meet the demand of the world market. It is mainly used in barbecue shop, flow barbecue, etc. With the advantage of low investment and high profit, choose amisy broiler to start your business is a good choice.

Gas Vertical Broiler Advantages
1. Made of stainless steel, advanced infrared technology and high efficient burner.
2. Fashionable style, reasonable structure, convenient operation and economic space occupation.
3. Three heating heads, and its fire can be adjusted; high efficiency and high quality.
4. Suitable for kinds of meat such as beef, lamb, chicken, minces, etc.
5. The roti maker can be applied to home, supermarket and fair.

Gas Vertical Broiler Operation Caution
1. The gas vertical broiler should be placed in a stable position.
2. Pay attention to that the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder using low-pressure valve to prohibit the use of middle pressure or high pressure valves.
3. If leakage occurs, should turn off the gas valve, immediately open the windows, strengthening ventilation. Don't close or open the power supply and ignition.
4. Don't put the flammable material on the furnace body, or it may cause a burning fire accident.

Automatic Roti Making Machine Maintenance
1. Before clean and maintain the gas vertical broiler, the power should be cut off in order to prevent accidents.
2. Please use no corrosive cleaning agents of the wet towel to clean furnace body surface and a power outlet surface after operate every day, it is strictly prohibited to rinse water directly.

Gas Vertical Broiler Technical Parameters

Model Power Voltage Configuration Gas consumption Roasting time Weight Dimension
AMSFM-Y34/3 350W 220V/50HZ Stainless Steel 330L/hour 10minutes 60Kg 545*680*1040mm


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