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Poultry Gizzard Oil Removing Machine
Model: AUSZTY-25/AUSZTY-50
Capacity: 25-50kg/5min
Power source: 1.5kw/3kw/380v
Dimensions 700*600*850mm/950*830*980mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Poultry Gizzard Oil Removing Machine Introduction
The poultry gizzard oil removing machine is the most advanced equipment for gizzard oil removal, it is made of stainless steel, convenient to operate, with high yield and clean de-oiling process, the de-oiling rate can reach up to 98%. It is the necessary equipment for chicken and duck gizzard to do further processing.

Poultry Gizzard De-oiling Machine Advantages
1. It is made of stainless steel, clean and health
2. Compact structure, excellent performance
3. High efficiency, low energy consumption
4. Easy to operate, durable and long service life
5. It is suitable for chicken and duck

Chicken Gizzard Oil Removing Machine Working Principle
Our poultry gizzard de-oiling machine is designed for cleaning chicken and duck gizzards and removing the butter, in order to do further processing of the products easily, it is the essential equipment for poultry slaughter line. It adopts motor drive rejection plate, making gizzards in the barrel spiral motion, so as to realize oil removing work.

Gizzard--A Popular Food around the World
Poultry gizzards are a popular food throughout the world, different places have different eating methods, such as grilled chicken gizzards are sold as street food in Haiti, in Indonesia gizzard and liver are considered as part of a complete fried poultry dish, stewed gizzards are eaten as a snack in Portugal, while pickled turkey gizzards are a traditional food in some parts of the Midwestern united states, etc. The gizzard as one of the favorite food for people, it is not only contain many nutrient elements, such as protein, cellulose, vitamin, Ca, Mg, Fe and so on, but also have the function of promoting digestion, so eating gizzard regularly is good for your stomach.

Warm Tips:

1. Please check the below data carefully and choose the one suitable for you.
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3. We have
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Poultry Gizzard Oil Removing Machine Technology Parameters

Model Power Voltage Weight Output Dimension
AUSZTY-25 1.5kw 380v 70kg 25kg/5min 700*600*850mm
AUSZTY-50 3kw 380v 110kg 50kg/5min 950*830*980mm


process poultry gizzard by our poultry gizzard oil removing machine

gizzard oil removing machine is specially designed for poultry process

poultry gizzard de-oiling machine is a necessary equipment for gizzard further processing



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