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Meatball Forming Machine
Model: RWJ-01
Capacity: 300 pcs/ min
Power source: 0.75kw
Dimensions 680X380X1380mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Meatball Forming Machine Introduction
Meatball forming machine is mainly used to make chicken meatball, fish flesh ball, shrimp ball, beef meatball ,etc. The whole production line of meatball including meat grinding machine, BRJ-II, stuffing mixer, meat chopper, meatball machine, meatball forming tank and meatball frying machine.

Meatball Forming Machine Features
1. Meatball maker can make meatballs with different flavors. Little space occupancy, light weight, energy and time saving.
2. Compact structure, easy operation, large capacity and cost-effective price.
3. The meatball is of good quality, uniform size, good taste flavor and smooth surface.
4. The meatball forming machine is of reasonable design and easy operation.
5. The meatball maker is wholly made of SUS304 stainless steel which reach the international food hygienic standard.
6. The transmission and control parts all adopt famous components which ensure the long term service time and running accuracy.
7. Meatball size : 16mm,22mm, 25mm.

The meatball Production Line
Meat-----meat slicing machine-----meat bowl cutter mixer----meatball forming machine----meatball cooking cooling line-meatball packing machine

make meatball by our meatball forming machine




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