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Membrane Skinner
Model: FS-500
Capacity: /
Power source: 0.75 kw
Dimensions 815×710×880 mm
Guarantee: 1 year
Delivery time: 5-10 days

What is Membrane Skinning?
Membrane is a white substance that is of high fat in beef, veal, pork, etc. Membrane skinning is a process to remove the membrane and all connected sinews from the meat surface. The white fat will dissolve and float in the water and need hours to cook, getting rid of them is a troublesome things. So many consumers today tend to buy meat with membrane removed already. That is why meat processing industry need membrane skinner for bulky meat processing.

Meat Membrane Skinning Machine Features & Application
1. The processing width of meat is 500mm, and membrane thickness 0.5-6mm, fast processing speed.
2. The unique tooth roller design ensures an efficient and low cost way with little skilled labor.
3. Seamless welding and radius edges of meat membrane skinning machine structure makes it easy for cleaning.
4. The whole machine body is made of long lasting stainless steel, durable and sanitary.
5. All major mechanical components are accessible through a single access panel for easy maintenance.
6. Exclusive in skinning white membrane, especially for beef, pork,veal, chicken, mutton, lamb and horse meat ,etc. saving much time and labors for butchers trade.
7. Usually equipped with meat derinding machine.

Why Need Membrane Skinner?

☆ A membrane skinner can optimize the meat processing yield and increase the profitability by providing healthy lean meat for customers.
☆ The skinned fresh meat fully meat the fashion concept of “ healthy eating”, fulfilling the high expectation of quality-oriented customers.
☆ The meat membrane skinning machine can save trouble for housewives which make the fatty meat simple and fast to prepare.
☆ Skinned meat products that are appetizingly presented at the sales counter will not only increase its values but also stimulate sales.

Meat Products after Removing Membrane Skin

chicken-breast processed by meat membrane skinner

membrane skinning machine for cutting the meat fat

remove lean veal meat fat by our meat fat cutting machine

our membrane skinner machine is for lean meat processing


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