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Sausage Tying Machine
Model: ZX-01
Capacity: 50-60pcs/minute
Power source: 1Kw
Dimensions 930*500*950mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Sausage Tying Machine Introduction
This machine is used for twisting and clipping final filled sausage. The semi automatic kinking and clipping machine is ideal for tying in continuous rows. This machine is electromechanical and the tying speed and length of the sausage can be easily adjusted.

Sausage Tying Machine Features
1. Stepless adjustable length for filling. Accurate and Even.
2. Just by drawing the thread, the sausages needn't to be cut when packing.
3. Labour saving and no contamination.
4. Reliable performance, low maintaining cost.

sausage tying machine is used for twisting and clipping final filled sausage

sausage production needs the sausage binding machine

our sausage twisting machine has wide uses

The Sausage Tying Machine Working Process

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Product Name: Sausage Tying Machine
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