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Steam Sterilizing Machine
Model: SJG900
Capacity: 100 jars
Power source: 2kw
Dimensions 3500*1600*1450mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Steam Sterilizer Introduction
This steam sterilizer is widely used to sterilize plastic bag package, plastic or glass bottle package, cans package, jars, sachets, pet bottles, etc. It kills microorganisms rapidly without the use of toxic chemicals.

Steam Sterilizer Structure

Steam sterilizer is composed of body, cover, starting system, locking system, safe interlocking device, track, baskets, steam pipe, and other pipes. The cover is sealed by inflatable silicone rings which are reliable and durable. The steam and the atomized sterilization water are mixed in the sterilizer, thus the steam consumption is reduced, and the temperature can rapidly change.

Steam Sterilizer Features
1. Equipped with pressure cage and safe valve, reliable working process.
2. Low noise; hygiene sterilizer environment; chemical free sterilizing process.
3. Four temperature sensor detectors installed in the cattle to monitor heat distribution  at any time.
4. Optimum pressure control for minimum deformability of product packages.

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Product Name: Steam Sterilizing Machine
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