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  • Meat Bun Machine
    Meat Bun Machine

    Juicy meat bun machine can make various tasty buns just by changing different molds.

  • Dough Kneader Machine
    Dough Kneader Machine

    1.Homogeneous mixing, little noise,less waste.2.Can be used to Kneadflour and flour mixture.

  • Automatic Noodle Making Machine
    Automatic Noodle Making Machine

    This automatic noodle making machine can make both wide noodles and round noodles with four different size.Suitable for hotels, restaurants and food processing unit.

  • Rice Glue Ball Machine
    Rice Glue Ball Machine

    The rice glue ball machine is easy to operate,high production, low power consumption and the finished product in elegant shape.

  • Flour Mixing Machine
    Flour Mixing Machine

    The flour mixing machine is suitable for stiring kinds of powder such as flour, fried flour, juice powder, milky powder, grains powder,etc.Easy to operate,high output,well stiring.

  • Duck Bread Making Machine
    Duck Bread Making Machine

    1.Fast speed, it can make more than one thousand pieces of duck bread every hour. 2.By changing the mould, it can make different sizes flour bread.

  • Cookies Machine
    Cookies Machine

    The cookies machine is designed to produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies,by changing the mold,the raw material can be squeezed out and molded into different shapes of cookies.

  • Dough Divider Rounder
    Dough Divider Rounder

    The dough pieces processed by amisy dough divider rounder with same weight and uniform appearance,it is an indispensable good helper for bakery industry.

  • Pizza Cone Equipment
    Pizza Cone Equipment

    Adopt advanced Italy technology,the pizza cone equipment can help you make delicious cone pizza in large capacity.Ideal equipment for bakery,western-style food shop,leisure food factory,etc.

  • Pasta /Macaroni Making Line
    Pasta /Macaroni Making Line

    The automatic macaroni line capacity is featuring output from 80 up to 120 Kg per hour are available, we can also customize solutions of other capacities.

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