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Donut Making Machine
Model: TTQ-1/TTQ-2
Capacity: 500-1200Pcs/hr
Power source: 2.5Kw/6kw
Dimensions 1010*410*420mm/1100*550*650mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Why Choose Amisy Donut Making Machine
Donuts have always been a popular food item at carnivals, festivals and many other outdoor seasonal events, so why not cater to demand and produce them yourself? Like the delicious, versatile snacks they produce, Amisy automatic donut machine is welcomed by quite plenty of customers and businesses from all over the world.

Investment Opportunity
The donut making machine is suitable for bakery,restaurant,hotel,coffee shop and other snack processing line. Whether you want to start a small home based business or set up a permanent donut maker, we have the best equipment to help you make money. Two kinds of donut machine for your choice: small donut making machine and automatic donut making machine.

Donut Making Machine Features
1. It has adopted electronic oil temperature control and display system. The temperature of oil in the slot will be controlled by controller which keeps temperature system and the oil temperature display is clear at a glance.
2. About the automatic donut making machine, by adjusting the height of the rod, you can control the size of the circle. Rod high the circle is bigger, low lever then smaller. As for the small donut making machine, the mould is flexible and it can produce donuts with nice appearance and different sizes.
3. The donut maker machine can fry ,blank and discharge automaticlly. So it is easy to operate with high efficiency and stable performance.
4. Others: Wholly made of stainless steel; sanitary and low noise; low price and prospect market.

Recommended Raw Materials
1. Ingredients: powder (or high powder), milk, light cream, white sugar, eggs, milk powder, yeast, baking powder, salt, butter are all good to our donut making machine.
2. Decoration materials: chocolate, milk, coconut shred, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, almond slice, pistachio nuts, cream, jam, fruit nuts, etc.

 ingredients and decoration

Donut Making Machine Technical Data









TTQ-1 220/2.5 500-800Pcs/h 25 1010*410*420
TTQ-2 220/6 600-1200Pcs/h 50 1100*550*650


(round shape)

220/1.5 5 pieces/time 9 410*380*310


(plum flower shape)

220/1.5 5 pieces/time 9 410*380*310

 Working Process of Donut Making Machine

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