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Egg Tart Skin Machine
Model: DT-01
Capacity: 1200-1500Pcs/h
Power source: 220V/1Kw
Dimensions 840*690*1500mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Egg Tart Skin Machine Introduction
The egg tart skin machine is made of stainless steel, used for processing egg tart skin with large capacity, stable performance and easy operation. By changing different size molds, this machine can make various size egg tart skins. The produced egg tarts have a nice  texture, sweet smell and delicious tastes. Egg tarts are suitable for all age groups: young and old, men and women, everybody loves egg tarts. So, the egg tart machine enjoys great popularity both at home and in public places like fast restaurants, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc.
Egg Tart Skin Machine Highlights
1. The speed of the egg tart machine motor can be adjustable
2. The mold is equipped with a heating tube which can ensure a quick forming.
3. Adopt PLC control, the capacity is 1500~1800 pcs/h
4. Quick and easy replacement of molds, suitable for various design production.
5. Adopt stainless steel, which is simple to operation and easy to clean.
6. Stable performance, compact structure and long service life.
7. Small & flexible; Low energy consumption.
8. Bright market prospect.
Egg Tart Skin Machine Application
It is widely used in domestic and commercial industries, especially, in bakery, schools, kindergartens, hotels,fast food shop, western food shop, tea restaurant and so on.
Egg Tart Skin Machine Market Prospect
1. Egg tart is one of the hot sale products around the world, which is welcomed by all age groups. So the market prospect is very bright.
2. The egg tart  machine is a most cost-effective machine with little investment and  remarkable profit.
Tart Skin Forming Machine Parameters

 Model  Capacity  Voltage  Dimension
 DT-01  1200-1500Pcs/h  220V/1Kw  840*690*1500mm


Working Process of The Egg Tart Skin Machine 

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