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Hot Air Circulation Oven
Model: KL-50/KL-100
Capacity: 50Kg/h-100Kg/h
Power source: 35Kw/52Kw
Dimensions 1700*1500*1980mm/1900*1750*2240mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Hot Air Circulation Oven Introduction
This type hot air circulation oven adopts noise elimination, thermal stable and automatic temperature control system to realize the drying process. The entire circulation system is enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying oven increases from 3~7% of the traditional drying oven to 35~45% . The highest heat efficiency can be up to 50%. Thus this machine saves energy and increases the economic benefit.
Power Source
This hot air circulation oven can be driven by gas,electricity and oil.
Hot Air Circulation Oven Features
1. This machine is equipped with controlling cabinet with touch screen for easy operation.
2. This machine adopts enclosed structure, so most hot air is circulated in the chamber which ensures high heating efficiency and energy saving.
3. Adopting forced ventilation which makes the adjustable air distribute broadly in the chamber in order to ensure an even heating of the products.
4. Widely application. Suitable for versatile materials drying and dewatering.
Hot Air Circulation Oven Application
1. Solidification and de-watering in the pharmaceutical, chemical and farming industry.
2. For making tasty bread, Chinese bun, steamed bun, meat bun,etc.
Hot Air Circulation Oven Working Principle  
This hot air circulation oven adopts the blower recycling wind pattern which is highly efficient. The wind source, sent out by recycling wind motors activates the wind wheel after passing the heater, and then sends out hot wind. Afterwards, it reaches the inner chamber of hot air circulation oven through the whirl tube and then absorbs the used air into the whirl tube as the recycled wind source, waiting to be used again and ensure the even chamber temperature. The whole process is very energy saving and efficient.
Hot Air Circulation Oven Technical Data

Voltage Capacity Pan NO. Tray Size Weight Dimension
KL-50 380V/35Kw 50Kg/h 16Trays 400*600mm 1100Kg 1700*1500*1980mm
KL-100 380V/52Kw 100Kg/h 32Trays 400*600mm 1300kg 1900*1750*2240mm


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Product Name: Hot Air Circulation Oven