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Meat Bun Machine
Model: AMS100
Capacity: 2400Pcs/h
Power source: 220/380V/2.76Kw
Dimensions 1460*650*1730mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Meat Bun Machine Introduction
Meat bun machine is an ideal food machine of making the steamed stuffed buns with meat / vegetables and other materials inside the bun which is very tasty and nutrient. You can make steamed bread with fish stuffings, steamed bread with beef stuffings and so on.
Typical Products 
This machine is suitable to make Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Red Bean Bun, Small Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun, Rice Cake with Bean Paste, Cutted Bun, French Bread, Filling Inserted Bread, Silk Bun,etc.
Bun Machine Highlights
1. Product of various shapes
You can change different molds to make various shapes products. The rolling and forming can keep the nature texture of dough, so that the finished products are the same as hand-made with more delicate appearance.
2. Advanced Design and Sanitary
Chinese bun making machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain. All parts contacting with food are made of food standard stainless steel.
3. Easy to Operate & Labor Saving
Equipped with PLC control system, this machine can be operated easily. The thickness of dough wrapper, stuffing quantity and finished product size can all be set.
Meat Bun Making Process
Dough Kneading-Sheeting-Filling&Rolling-Forming
Meat Bun Machine Features
1. Meatbun making machine adopts pressure-reducing system which would transport large capacity flour.
2. Improved turbo type transporting system makes the delivering process more smooth and easy.
3. Inflow point adopts double frequency control with High precision and efficiency. You can adjust the size of stuffing and dough automatically. 
4. The machine is highly automated, microcomputer control, fully human control panel with quicker response speed and higher steady precision.
5. Meatbun making machine is made of high quality stainless steel material, so the machine is durable and sanitary.
6. Meatbun making machine can make 2400-3000 steamed stuffed buns per hour. You can adjust the size of the buns freely.
7. Quantization is precise, and operation is convenient. Only one person or two can finish the whole work.
8. The meatbun can be adjusted from 15-150g.
9. The size of the product are of high uniformity with smooth surface.
Meat Bun Machine Technical Data  

Model Capacity Power Weight Meatbun size Dimension
AMS100 2400Pcs/h 220/380V/2.76Kw 450Kg 15-150g 1460*650*1730mm


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