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Multifunctional Noodle Making Machine
Model: AMS-75
Capacity: 75KG/h
Power source: 1.5 KW
Dimensions 560*990*1255mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Why Do people Like Noodles?
Pastas or noodles are delicious food containing less fat and they can be processed into different flavors by adding different ingredients. Almost everyone likes pastas or noodles, for it can combine with almost any ingredient according to your special taste.
Multifunctional Noodle Making Machine Application
The noodles making machine is mainly applied to make Chinese noodles, western pastas, dumpling wrappers, and some other cooked wheaten food. The noodles/pastas made by our machine taste delicious and look great, which will improve your working efficiency at home, restaurants, hotels, and some other food processing industries.
Multifunctional Noodle Making Machine Advantages
1.  Multifunctional. This machine can make noodles, pastas, dumpling wrappers etc.
2.  The noodle thickness is adjustable. So noodles/pastas with different diameters can be made.
3.  Easy to operate and durable.
4.  Made of stainless steel.
Cooked Wheaten Food Give You A Good Health
Diseases like obesity and diabetes are rising throughout the world. Science study shows that noodles/pastas and some other low glycemic foods can effectively help to control the blood sugar and weigh. Besides, noodles/pastas are delicious and unexpensive, which make it the affordable and healthy food popular in almost all societies.

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Product Name: Multifunctional Noodle Making Machine
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