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Puffing Machine
Model: AMSPH-330
Capacity: 8—10kg
Power source: 0.75kw
Dimensions 1650cmx800cmx1350cm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

AMSPH-330 Puffing Machine Introduction
AMSPH-330 Puffing machine is the airflow-type puffing machine. Adopting the advanced technology introduced from Japan, this puffing machine boosts the largest capacity in China. This machine is heated by liquefied gas or electricity. Featuring low energy consumption and high safety , AMSPH-330 puffing machine has become one of the necessary equipments for puffed food products manufacturers. It is utilized to expand wheat, rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, wheat and other cereals. The original aroma and the nutrients of the cereals are perfectly retained in the puffed products. Compared with the traditional puffing machine, it is more hygienic and can produce more tasty food, thus more popular among consumers.
AMSPH-330 Puffing Machine Features
1. Large capacity of 60-90kg/h.
2. High hygiene, free of lead in the puffing process.
3. The aroma and nutrients are perfectly retained in the puffed food products.
4. Low energy consumption and high safety factors.
5. Consistent working performance and product quality.                                           
6. Simple construction and easy to operate.
1. If there is any air leakage of capping during normal production, or pre-tightening capping doesn’t work, replace the seal gasket with a new one.
2. If there is any abnormal phenomenon of pressure gauge and thermometer during normal production, stop the machine and check immediately. The machine can only be restarted after everything works well.
3. Pressure should never exceed 12kg during operation!
4. Machine should be grounded reliably so as to avoid current leakage. 
5. If there is any gas leakage in liquid gas pipeline, stop the machine to check immediately. Shut off main valve of air supply after the work is done.

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Product Name: Puffing Machine