Rice Glue Ball Machine, Best Choice For Making Yummy Rice Glue Ball
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Rice Glue Ball Machine
Model: Four models for your choice
Capacity: 60-100kg/h
Power source: 0.75kw/1.1kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Rice Glue Ball--A Popular Chinese Traditional Food
The rice glue ball is a kind of traditional food in China, it is small dumpling balls made of glutinous rice flour with rose petals, sesame, bean paste, jujube paste, walnut meat, dried fruit, sugar and edible oil as fillings. We usually call it Tang Yuan, up to now, it has a history with over 700 years. It is used to refer to the Lantern Festival, a traditional festival of Chinese, also a day on January 15th of Chinese lunar calendar celebrated with rice glue balls. The rice glue ball is much popular among people with its connotation of reunion and good luck, even the oversea Chinese, they will never forgot to eat this food every Lantern Festival to delivery their homesickness.
Rice Glue Ball Machine Introduction
Our rice glue ball machine is most professional rice glue ball machine in China, easy to operate, high production and the finished product in elegant shape, there are two types (ball type and disc shape) and multiple models for you choice. It can be used at home or commercial industry.
Rice Glue Ball Machine Features
1. Reasonable design, easy to operate
2. The equipment adopts reduction motor, gear transmission, low damage rate
3. Low power consumption, high production efficiency.
4. Best rotate speed pulley, the finished products are in elegant shape and good taste
5. It is not only used for making rice glue ball, but also sugar-coating for peanuts, chocolate bean and so on
Rice Glue Ball Machine Operation Caution
1. Please put the machine smooth when operating in order to avoid damage by vibration movement.
2. If there is abnormal condition during usage (such as noise abnormalities, odor, smoke), please turn off the power immediately.
3. Clean the mould regularly and close the power if long time no use.
Rice Glue Ball Machine Technology Parameters

Model Power Voltage Weight Output Dimension
(ball type)
0.75kw 380v 70kg 60kg/h 1080*600*1070mm
(ball type)
1.1kw 380v 90kg 100kg/h 1280*880*1430mm
(disc type)
0.75kw 380v 70kg 60kg/h 1000*800*1380mm
(disc type)
1.1kw 380v 90kg 100kg/h 1020*1070*1430mm






rice glue ball machine


Working Process of Rice Glue Ball Machine

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