Energy Saving French Fries Frying Machine/Oil-Water Mixture Frying Machine
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French Fries Frying Machine
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French Fries Frying Machine Description
Amisy French fries frying machine is designed to frying various product such as potato chips, peanuts, broad beans, etc. It can frying kinds of products at the same time, and there is no taste mixture between each other, convenient and quick, safety and health, our French fried frying machine enjoys great popularity in medium and small food processing enterprises.
Oil-water Mixture Technology Features
Amisy French fries machine is a type of smokeless, multifunctional, water and oil mixture frying equipment which employs the most advanced frying technology. The oil and water can automatic layered after mixing, oil frying food in the upper after heated, water receiving sinking slag below, the slag can be removed in time, not like the ordinary frying machine, while the oil black acidification due to floating black residue in a short time, so as to result in waste.
French Fries Frying Machine Advantages
1. The whole machine adopts imported high quality stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, durable and easy to clean
2. Intelligent digital display temperature controller, convenient and practical
3. Two type heating methods for your choice: electric heating and coal heating.
4. Automatic water and oil temperature control system, improve the product quality
5. Advanced oil-water mixture technology, reduce waste and energy-saving, the oil can save 50%, the electricity/coal can save 40%.
Potato Chips Frying Machine Application
1. Kinds of products can be fried by amisy oil-water mixture frying machine.
1) Nuts: broad beans, peanuts, mung beans, etc
2) Puffed food: rice crust, french fries, etc
3) Flour product: orecchiette, caramel treats, Chinese doughnut and so on
4) Meat food: chicken drumsticks, fish flesh, etc
5) Bean products: bean curd puff, dried bean curd, etc
2. It is suitable for medium, small food processing industries, widely used in hotel, restaurant, fast food shop, fried chicken shop, school, enterprises canteens, fried food enterprises, etc.
Electricity Type Oil-water Mixture Frying Machine Technical Data

Model Power Discharge method Oil groove dimension Overall dimension
AMS-DYZ-500 9KW/380V manual 500*500*400mm 880*620*930mm
AMS-DYZ-1000 21kw/380v manual 1000*500*400mm 1380*620*950mm
AMS-DYZ-1200A 27kw/380v automatic 1200*700*400mm 1600*1050*1200mm
AMS-DYZ-1500A 40.5kw/380v automatic 1500*700*400mm 1900*1050*1200mm
AMS-DYZ-2000A 54kw/380v automatic 2000*700*400mm 2350*1050*1200mm
AMS-DYZ-1200Y 63kw/380v automatic Φ1200*D400mm 1660*1490*1500mm
AMS-DYZ-1500Y 79kw/380v automatic Φ1500*D400mm 1680*2050*1500mm






Coal Type Oil-water Mixture Frying Machine Technical Data

Model Discharge method Oil groove dimension Overall dimension
AMS-DYZ-1000 manual 1000*500*400mm 1140*640*1000mm
AMS-DYZ-1500A automatic 1500*800*400mm 1770*1150*1600mm
AMS-DYZ-1800A automatic 1800*800*400mm 2170*1150*1600mm
AMS-DYZ-2000A automatic 2000*800*400mm 2180*1150*1600mm
AMS-DYZ-1200Y automatic Φ1500*D400mm 1890*1600*1630mm



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