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Full Automatic Potato Chips Production Line
Power source:
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: About 30 days

AMS Automatic Potato Chips Production Line
Amisy fully automatic potato chips production line is of low investment, low energy consumption, small area coverage. The processing capacity are150kg/h, 300kg/h and 500kg/h, we can also customize special plants based on your requirements.
Potato chips production line description
AMS potato chips production line includes a whole set of equipment. The processing flowchart is as follows:
Hoisting feeding--washing and peeling----picking trimming----cutting----rinsing –--blanching –---dewatering----frying----de-oiling----flavoring—--conveying—packing.
1. An elevator is used for transmitting large quantity of potatoes into the feeder.
2. The potato cleaning and peeling machine are used to wash and peel them automatically. 
3. The finished potatoes are clean enough for further processing.
4. Then it is the picking line that picks the well-formed ones and send them to cutting  machine. The blades are stainless steel and specially designed to cut them averagely.
5. The rinsing machine is used for further washing the potato slices and strips.
6. Blanching is a necessary part in processing vegetables and fruits as it can protect their natural flavor from being broken.
7. Dewatering is prepared for the frying part. The dewatered potato strips are low in moisture and easy to fry.
8. Frying is an important step. The edible oil temperature should be around180℃; when the potato chips become golden and soft, they should be fished out. Just grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late.
9. The de-oiling line is next step. De-oiling will make the fried food crispier and  more palatable.
10. The following is flavoring. Customers can season diversified flavors totally according to their own intentions.
11. By way of the conveying belt, the seasoned potato chips are packaged.
12. The whole processing line has strict demand on workers and manufacturing shop to offer clients assured potato chips.
A Glance of Automatic Potato Chips Market

1. Nowadays,  America is the NO.1 consumer of potato chips in the world.
2. As a worldwide popular food, potatoes are second only to rice in human consumption. And the thin, salted, crisp potato chips are people's favorite snack.
3. The potatoes used for making chips are fresh ones, that is to say, there are no scars, no rotten potatoes.

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Product Name: Full Automatic Potato Chips Production Line