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Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line
Capacity: 30/60/150kg/h
Power source: /
Dimensions 6.18CBM/10.41CBM/16.17CBM
Guarantee: 1 years
Delivery time: 30 days

AMS Fried Potato Chips Production Line
As a kind of worldwide popular snack, fried potato chips producing is certainly in large demand. Amisy food machinery supplier offers several potato chips production lines which contains fully automatic plant and semi-automatic plant. Our semi-automatic plants consist of 8 independent machines with the capacity of 30kg/h, 60kg/h and 150kg/h.
AMS Fried Potato Chips Processing Procedure

Fried potato chips production the flowchart includes the following steps: 
Fresh Potato—washing &peeling—cutting—blanching—dewatering—frying—de-oiling—flavoring—packing.
1.  Washing and peeling is the first step. Potato washing and peeling machine is specially designed and hardly no damage to potatoes . Then it discharges potato strips automatically.
2. Equipped with sharp blades, potatoes are cut uniformly and evenly.
3. Blanching is to wash out the starch on the surface of potatoes and avoids the potato chips sticking.
4. Then the dewatering step is to help reduce moisture and make them easy to fry.
5. Frying can reduce the moisture to 2% and get the crispy potato chips. We offer the pure peanut oil and change the continuous working oil every 8-12 hours. The frying process should be less than 4 minutes.
6. The fried potato chips are placed on the draining oil belt to fish out the spare oil.
7. The flavoring machine is used for seasoning the fried potato chips. Whichever flavor is needed totally depends on yourself.
8. Vacuum nitrogen packaging machine is ready here to ensure the high efficient packing. As fried potato chips are fragile, the nitrogen is necessary to keep food fresh, tasty and without damage.
Fried Potato Chips Plant Advantages Analysis

1. little edible oil use; low fuel consumption.
2. Excellent product quality.
3. Labor saving.
4. A variety of processing capacity for your choice.
 5. Stable performance.
☆ This plant area for capacity of 30/60/150kg/h is respectively 50/80/150㎡.
☆ The proportion of potatoes and output potato chips is 3.5:1.
☆ The formula should be added during blancing process, suitable blanching temperature is 70℃.
☆ Frying time for potato strips and potato chips is respectively 15/10 minutes. Frying temperature is 180 ℃.
☆ One work can operate 2 sets of machines.
Why Choose Us?
☆ Provide customers with formula( free of charge)  for making crispy potato chips with golden colour.
☆ Specialized personnel offer professional trainning class for operators.
☆ The machine operating video and instruction book is available.
Itch for Potato Chips Investment? This May Help You!
Here are demographic studies that prove to be very predictable when it comes to human behavior, especially concerning our purchase habits.
Generally, couples marry and have children at the age of 28. Children consume the most food at the age of 14, especially snack food like potato chips. Therefore you can assume that the most potato chips will be purchased by a family household at the age of 42. So the grocery stores in neighborhoods with a younger demographic will have more potato chips than a store in a more mature neighborhood.
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Product Name: Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line