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Twist Potato Machine
Model: STJ-01
Capacity: 30-50kg/h
Power source: manual operation
Dimensions 280mm*120mm*140mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days/Min Order: 100 sets

what is twist potato

What is Twist Potato?
Twist Potato is originated from South Korea. It is simply a potato that has been cut, using a specially designed twist potato cutter, in such a way that it twists around a stick.  Then it will be fried and sprinkled with flavorings like cheese, chili, BBQ, and onion.  This magic process transforms an ordinary potato into a unique and interesting snack that is extremely popular. Twist potates are also named as spiral potato, tornado potato and spring potato.

Twist Potato Machine Introduction
Twist potatoes are very popular because of their special taste and pleasant color, thus being a hotsale all over the world. Our potato twist cutting machine is specialized in making twist potato with good taste and novel shape. Many Clients has made high profits within a short time with a little investment. It is quite popular with those who want to start their own business with low risk.

Twist Potato Machine Features

1. Slicing disco blade: the prise angle and space between the slicing blade make it efficiency and labour saving.
2. Made of high quality stainless steel
3. Simple operation and easy to clean and maintain
4. Low cost, high profit and long service life

Twist Potato Vending Business
Are you looking for a business with very low costs and limited risks with  high profits? Our spiral potato cutter makes it available for new small business ventures or as an addition to your current business. All you need is a twist potato cutter and mobiel food cart( food kiosk). You can set business loactions in crowed public places with large amount of fluid people such as business street, office building, shopping malls, night markets, school events and selected exhibitions, etc.

twist potato vending business



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