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Instant Coffee Vending Machine
Model: AMS-CM-308S/AMS-CM-308C/AMS-CM-302S/AMS-CM-302C/AMS-CM-306C/AMS-CM-902C
Capacity: 4.5L/6L
Power source: 220V/50HZ
Dimensions /
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Instant Coffee Vending Machine Introduction
Coffee is a wonderful and indispensable drink for most people and sometimes they want to enjoy a cup of toothsome coffee instantly without going to the special coffee shops, and coffee sellers want to supply coffee at any time & place. If there is a set of Amisy instant coffee vending machine, which is an excellent helper for saving trouble selling and buying coffee, all these want will be realized perfectly.

Instant Coffee Vending Machine Features
1. Instant coffee vending machines is simple to install and operate.
2. Instant coffee machine blends in all surroundings perfectly for its modern design.
3. The water temperature, water & coffee powder amount of every cup can be set as customers’ required.
4. This commercial coffee machine can be cleaned in an automatical way.

Instant Coffee Vending Machine Specifications

Item name 4 hot 4 cold standing coffee vending machine 4 hot 4 cold table-top coffee vending machine 3 hot 3 cold table-top coffee vending machine 3 hot 3 cold standing coffee vending machine 3 hot table-top coffee vending machine 2 hot table-top coffee vending machine
Item NO AMS-CM-308S AMS-CM-308C AMS-CM-302C AMS-CM-302S AMS-CM-306C AMS-CM-902C
Measurement(W*D*H mm) 430*530*1550 430*530*950 430*490*750 430*490*1550 320*490*650 300*400*630
Power 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Water storage 6L 6L 6L 6L 4.5L 4.5L
Cold & hot shift available available available available no no
Weight 50Kg 35Kg 35Kg 50Kg 22Kg 15Kg


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Product Name: Instant Coffee Vending Machine
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