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Hard Ice Cream Machine
Model: Six models for your choice
Capacity: 14L-60L/H
Power source: 1.85Kw/2Kw/2.2Kw/2.25Kw/2.3Kw/2.5Kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Hard Ice Cream Machine Introduction
The hard ice cream machine is designed to produce superb hard ice cream consistently and efficiently. Ice cream powder, milk powder and other various kinds of powders can be used as the raw material to make different-flavor hard ice cream. Hard ice cream machine adopts advanced technology, high efficient compressor and world-class refrigeration fittings allowing optimum performance.

Hard Ice Cream Machine Features

1. Equipped with the leading completely sealed compressor.          2. Stainless steel construction for high standard hygiene.
3. High efficiency & fast-cooling evaporator.                                          4. Simple to operate, easy to clean.
5. Low noise and vibration.                                                                       6.Several colors for your choice.

Hard Ice Cream Machine Parameters

Model Voltage Capacity Dimension Weight
YB-14 220V/1.85Kw 14L/h 570*495*595mm 70Kg
YB-18 220V/2Kw 18L/h 518*740*1350mm 110Kg
YB-28 220V/2.2Kw 28L/h 518*740*1380mm 120Kg
YB-30 220V/2.25Kw 30L/h 550*770*1400mm 135Kg
YB-45 220V/2.3Kw 45L/h 550*770*1400mm 145Kg
YB-60 220V/2.5Kw 60L/h 550*770*1400mm 150Kg


ice cream made by hard ice cream machine
hard ice cream maker
hard ice cream with different tastes

 Hard Ice Cream Machine Working Process

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