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Fried Ice Machine-Double Pans
Model: SY-28/SP-28/SF-28
Capacity: 18kg/h/20kg/h
Power source: 200V/1.5Kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Fried Ice Machine(Double Pans) Introduction
Double pan fried ice machine is designed to mix the ice cream with different flavored products like fruit, porridge to produce ice mud, snow ice, fruit ice and ice porridge. Double pan fried ice machine is equipped with two pans ensuring a large output.

Double Pans Fried Ice Cream Machine Features
1. Double pans fried ice machine consists of two round pans, one compressor and a controller, compact structure and little land occupancy.
2. Adopt advanced refrigeration technology with quick freezing.
3. Streamlined construction design, compact structure.
4. Adopt high-power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance.
5. Applicable to mix and freeze a wide range of materials like sugary liquid, fresh fruit, juice, milk, soft drink, coffee, cola, beer, porridge, into frozen ice yogurt.
6. Quick cream filling. When you turn the switch on, the two pans begin to work simultaneously.
7. Good cooling performance. Air cooling mode is adopted to improve the heat dissipation, even in high temperature condition, it can still work normally.
8. Advance compressor from Mitsubishi, reliable performance and low malfunction rate.

Fruit Fried Ice Making Method
Pour the syrup(proportion of sugar and water is respectively 1 kg and 10 kg) into ice pan, then add jam( about 10-15 g) . At last, You can put some grape, apricot as well as other fresh fruits to the fried ice. So cool and delicious fried ice is finished, so easy, isn’t it ? Total cost of the raw material is about 0.25—0.35$, you can sale 3-4$.

Available Raw Materials for Making Fried Ice

fruit jam for making fried ice

grape for making fried ice

diced watermelon for making fried ice

Why Fried ice is so Popular?
Fried ice has become a popular cool drink because of its quick making process and refreshing flavor. Whipping ice can be made within a few minutes by an automatic fried ice maker, then add some preserved fruit. The most attracting points of fried ice is not only good flavor but also its varieties. The colorful texture and cool taste make it become a great tempt in summer.

Double Pan Fried Ice Machine Parameters

Model Voltage Capacity Dimensions Weight
SY-28 220V/1.5Kw 18Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg
SP-28 220V/1.5Kw 20Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg
SF-28 220V/1.5Kw 20Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg


fried ice made by amisy ice whipping machine
fried ice made by double-pan fried ice machine
fried ice cream


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