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Ice Whipping Machine(Single Pan)
Model: Three models for your choice
Capacity: 12-15kg/h
Power source: 0.98kw/1.08kw/1.2kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Ice Whipping Machine Introduction
Ice whipping machine is a new type ice drink machine that can make fluid containing sugar into ice and ice cream which is a good taste in hot summer. Ice whipping machine is popular around school, bus station, cinema, tourist sites, vegetable market and streets. Few investment, great profit.

Single Pan Ice Whipping Machine Features
1. Employ advanced refrigeration technology.
2. Streamlined construction design.
3. Adopt high power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance.
4. Applicable to a wide range of materials like sugary liquid, ice cream, fresh fruit, juice, milk, soft drink, coffee, cola, beer, porridge, etc.
5. Simple to operate, easy to clean.

Attentions to Fried Ice Maker Usage
1. The neighborhood temperature has effect on the whipping speed.
2. Keep mixing when you start the machine, fully make the liquid exchange heat transfer.
3. Turn off the machine immediately when the machine stops working.
4. The condenser should be cleaned every month.
5. This whipping machine cannot be upended or tilted above 45 degree.

Management of Fried Ice Machine Business
There are so many cool drink for choice, so making yours more attractive is so important. First is to ensure the raw material is fresh and healthy. Second is to take some effort to decorate your small shop. The third is to choose a suitable address. For bustling site, you may pay high rent cost but accordingly have more customers. You can also sell various coffee, milk tea and juice in your shop.

Single Pan Ice Whipping Machine Parameters

Model Voltage Capacity No. of Pans &barrels Dimensions Weight
DY-18 220V/0.98kw 12Kg/h 1 Pan 550*560*770mm 35Kg
DP-18 220V/1.08kw 15Kg/h 1 Pan 550*560*770mm 35Kg
GT-18 220V/1.2kw 15Kg/h 1 Pan & 6 Barrels 840*460*760mm 40Kg


single-pan ice whipping machine for making ice cream ice cream with fruit cubes made by ice whipping machine

ice whipping machine can make ice cream of various flavors










Working Process of The Ice Whipping Machine




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