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Double Pan Fried Ice Machine
Model: Three models for your choice
Capacity: 18-20kg/h
Power source: 1.5Kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Double Pan Fried Ice Machine Introduction
Double pan fried ice machine is designed to mix the ice and ice cream with different flavored products like fruit, porridge to produce ice mud, snow ice, fruit ice and ice porridge. Double pan fried ice machine is equipped with two pans ensuring a large output.
Double Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine Features
1. Equipped with two pans to ensure large output.
2. Adopt advanced refrigeration technology.
3. Streamlined construction design.
4. Adopt high-power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance.
5. Applicable to a wide range of materials like sugary liquid, ice cream, fresh fruit, juice, milk, soft drink, coffee, cola, beer, porridge, etc.
6. Simple to operate, easy to clean.
Double Pan Fried Ice Machine Parameters

Model Voltage Capacity Dimensions Weight
SY-28 220V/1.5Kw 18Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg
SP-28 220V/1.5Kw 20Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg
SF-28 220V/1.5Kw 20Kg/h 820*450*760mm 45Kg



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Product Name: Double Pan Fried Ice Machine