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Slush Machine
Model: AMS-120/AMS-240/AMS-360
Capacity: 12-36L
Power source: 550W/890W/1100W
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Slush Machine Introduction
Our slush machine is a new developed slush machine which employs advanced technology and process of Italian, it is used to make various different flavors of snow melt shape drinks, high refrigeration efficiency, full computer control and easy to operate. We have three shapes for you to choose: Single-cylinder slush machine, double-cylinder slush machine and triple-cylinder slush machine. It is an ideal investment for making high profit both in cities and small towns.

Slush Machine Features
1. With commercial refrigeration technology
2. Full computer control system
3. It has temperature control system so it can make both snow slush and juice
4. Excellent evaporation system, it can continue to work with less drink in the tank
5. Intelligent control system can adjust the snow mud hardness
6. Humanized design, faulty display and automatic cleaning function
7. Independent control for each tanks, you can choose to turn off the tank once there is no beverage
8. Individual design, fashion appearance, flowing lines, the colors as you choose

Slush Machine Application
1. It can dispense a variety of frozen beverages such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush beverages and so on
2. It is ideal vending machine in many places such as tourist area, supermarket, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, bar, school, leisure and entertainment place, etc.

Pay Attention to Simple Fault of the Slush Machine
1. The machine is not refrigeration
1) To check whether socket line and voltage is normal or not
2) Check the computer display board solenoid valve indicator to find whether the intermittent flashing is normal
2. Too low refrigeration speed and big noise of vibration
1) The weather is too hot, please make sure the temperature of the material is not too high
2) Check whether the machine is put flat, please put it in horizontal position

Slush Machine Technical Parameters

Model Bowl Capacity Power Voltage Flavor Compressor Refrigerant Net/Gross weight Dimensions
   AMS-120    12L×1 550W 220V/50HZ 1kinds 1 R407/R404 25/30kg 530×240×800mm
AMS-240 12L×2 890W 220V/50HZ 2kinds 1 R407/R404 50/55kg 530×430×800mm
AMS-360 12L×3 1100W 220V/50HZ 3kinds 1 R407/R404 70/75kg 530×620×800mm



ice fruit slush making machine

ice slush machine

our slush machine can make various ice slush





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