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  • Dough Divider Rounder
    Dough Divider Rounder

    The dough pieces processed by amisy dough divider rounder with same weight and uniform appearance,it is an indispensable good helper for bakery industry.

  • Chocolate Fountain Machine
    Chocolate Fountain Machine

    Chocolate fountain machine can bring you relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, making beautiful and tasty chocolate fountain for you. Environmental and energy-saving!

  • Automatic Apple Peeling Machine
    Automatic Apple Peeling Machine

    Controlled by PLC system, automatic apple peeling machine can finish peeling, coring, slicing at one time, with high peeling rate and widely application.

  • Pizza Cone Equipment
    Pizza Cone Equipment

    Adopt advanced Italy technology,the pizza cone equipment can help you make delicious cone pizza in large capacity.Ideal equipment for bakery,western-style food shop,leisure food factory,etc.

  • Mini Puff Snack Machine
    Mini Puff Snack Machine

    The mini puff snack machine can produce various shapes and flavors puffed food,low investment and high profit,it is ideal equipment for snack food processing.

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine
    Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine

    The RO water vending machine is an intelligent equipment with the function of automatic making machine, the whole sterilization, automatic measuring, automatic selling water.

  • Liquid Filling Machine-Manual Type
    Liquid Filling Machine-Manual Type

    1.Made of high quality stainless steel,comply with GMP standard,clean and health 2.Adopt the Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components, performance is stale and reliable

  • Full Automatic Bag-given Packing Machine
    Full Automatic Bag-given Packing Machine

    The full automatic bag-given packaging machine adopts advanced Germany Siemens technology,ideal equipment for packing various products such as liquid, paste, powder, granules, irregular lump material, etc

  • Full Automatic Granule Packaging Equipment
    Full Automatic Granule Packaging Equipment

    The full automatic granule packaging unit consists of PLC from SIMENS,servo system,pneumatic control system and man-machine interface touch screen,can complete the whole weighing and packing process automatically.

  • Full Automatic Food Packing Unit
    Full Automatic Food Packing Unit

    The full automatic food packing unit is complete equipment used to package snack food such as melon seeds, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, candy, jelly,etc.High precision and large weiging range.

  • Small Essential Oil Extraction Machine
    <b>Small Essential Oil Extraction Machine</b>

    The plant essential oil extraction machine adopts steam distillation method to extract kinds of plants,widely usedin small scale industries of traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics, biological,food etc.

  • Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment
    Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment

    The large essential oil extraction equipment is designed to extract plant essential oil in mass production,advanced technology,special design and high yield.