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  • Screw Oil Press
    Screw Oil Press

    The screw oil press is featured with high efficiency and high oil yield, applicable to press rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soy beans, peanuts and sesame. Ideal for both personal and small business use.

  • Automatic Screw Oil Press
    Automatic Screw Oil Press

    Automatic screw oil press can squeeze and filter oil at the same time. It is of compact structure, convenient operation and technical design.

  • Bone Crushing Machine
    Bone Crushing Machine

    Our bone crushing machine is best known for it durability and reliable performance for crushing various kinds of animal bones such as beef bone, pork bone, sheep bone,etc.

  • Membrane Skinner
    Membrane Skinner

    Membrane skinner is to remove the membrane and all connected sinews from the meat surface.Especially for beef, pork,veal, chicken, mutton, lamb and horse meat,etc.

  • Nuts Cracking and Shelling Plant
    Nuts Cracking and Shelling Plant

    This machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate different nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecans. The objective of walnut kernel & shells separator is to get the kernel from hard-shelled nuts efficiently.

  • Almond/Peanut Peeling Machine
    Almond/Peanut Peeling Machine

    This almond peeling machine is ideal equipment to peel the soft skin of peanut, almond, bean, etc. It has advantage of high peeling rate, high complete-kernel rate and low broken rate.

  • Nut Shell&Kernel Separating Machine
    Nut Shell&Kernel Separating Machine

    Mainly used to separate the shells and kernels of different nuts such as peanut, almond, hazelnut, cashew nut, chestnut and so on.

  • Fish Speed Cleaning Machine
    Fish Speed Cleaning Machine

    fish speed cleaning machine is characterized by fish back dissecting and fish guts removing , membrane cleaning and so on.The capacity reach 2400 pieces/h.

  • Palm Nut Shelling Machine
    Palm Nut Shelling Machine

    Palm nut shelling machine is one grade size cracking process. It cracks nuts one time one size and the roller gaps can be adjusted for other sizes cracking.

  • Pasta /Macaroni Making Line
    Pasta /Macaroni Making Line

    The automatic macaroni line capacity is featuring output from 80 up to 120 Kg per hour are available, we can also customize solutions of other capacities.

  • Automatic Granule Packaging Machine
    Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

    We offer Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine for granules, tea, coffee, mehndi, tablets, salt, sugar or other similar granules. Packaging Materials: Paper/PE, Pt/PE, PET/Plated Al/PE, BOPP film, tea filter paper, other composite packaging materials etc

  • Sugar Coating Machine
    Sugar Coating Machine

    Amisy sugar coating machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, candy processing industry, and snack food industry etc.