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  • Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine
    Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

    The automatic teabag machines are suitable for the dual bag packing of small grain-like materials, such as tea leafs, medicinal tea, healthy tea, coffee etc.

  • Pomegranate Peeling Machine
    Pomegranate Peeling Machine

    Our pomegranate peeling machine is widely used for many kinds of fruits peeling and crushing process for drinks pre-treatment.

  • Chicken Feet Cutting Machine
    Chicken Feet Cutting Machine

    Chicken feet machine made of stainless steel is used in chicken feet industry, cutting accurately and neatly, without adhesion and bone chips. It runs stable with low noise, has a long service life, is easy to maintain and operate, saves labor and cos

  • Full-automatic Onion Peeling Machine
    Full-automatic Onion Peeling Machine

    Automatic peeling work, high peeling rate, no damaging, good peeling effect, the full-automatic onion peeling machine can be used for onions of all sizes, and has no requirements on the moisture, tightness and thickness of the onion skin.

  • Onion Root Cutting Machine
    Onion Root Cutting Machine

    This onion root cutting machine can be used as a single machine for onion processing, also can be used with onion peeling machine as a combine onion processing line with high capacity.

  • Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine
    Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine

    High automation, high half-kernel rate, low energy consumption, our peanut kernel splitter is an ideal choice for food processing with peanuts.

  • Peanut Powder Grinding Machine
    Peanut Powder Grinding Machine

    This is a dual-function peanut processing machine for making powdered and granular peanut. Simple operation, high output, high durability, and easy maintenance.

  • Fish Meal Production Plant
    Fish Meal Production Plant

    We supply complete fish meal production line for industrial use to produce high-quality fish powder with high capacity.

  • Hot Shrinking Packing Machine
    Hot Shrinking Packing Machine

    Featured by advanced processing technology and stable performance, this hot shrinking packing machine is an good choice for plastic-film packing.

  • Full-automatic Filling and Capping Machines
    Full-automatic Filling and Capping Machines

    Our full-automatic filling machine and full-automatic capping machine are widely used in food, medicine, chemical, cosmetic, oil, aqua-cultural drugs, pesticide, etc. industries.

  • Garlic Grading Production Line
    Garlic Grading Production Line

    Our garlic sorting line is featured by wide-application for various small vegetables and fruits, 5 sizes of grading, and no damage to product, so it is a good choice for industrial grading process.

  • Medical Garbage Incinerator
     Medical Garbage Incinerator

    This small incinerator machine is mainly suitable for solid medical waste (including pollution), waste plastic and rubber etc, at high temperatures they can be divided into organic compounds