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  • Poultry Feather Removal Machine
    Poultry Feather Removal Machine

    The poultry removal machine can effectively pluck off the feathers of chicken, ducks, gooses, pigeons, quails and other poultry or birds while do not bruise the skin of the poultry.

  • Chicken Egg Grading Machine
    Chicken Egg Grading Machine

    Our egg grading machine can accurately grade your hen eggs, duck eggs, and many other eggs.

  • Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine
    Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine

    Sunflower seed shelling machine integrates the function of cleaning, shelling, peeling, sorting and checking into one.Really helpful.

  • Electric Sugarcane Juice Machine
    Electric Sugarcane Juice Machine

    The sugarcane juice squeezed by this machine is totally natural and green drink, sweet and nutritional.

  • Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine
    Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine

    The automatic nut frying machine is ideal machine for frying all kinds of nuts and seeds. The fried food enjoys good color and favor.