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  • Frozen Meat Slicing Machine
    Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

    1.Continuous working, adjustable thickness of meat slicers.2.Large processing capacity of 800-1000kg/h

  • Puffing Machine
    Puffing Machine

    Utilized to expand wheat, rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, wheat and other cereals.

  • Centrifugal Dewatering Machine
    Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

    The dewatering machine is widely used for dewatering (removing surface water) from vegetables and fruits after being cleaned.

  • Rice Noodle Machine
    Rice Noodle Machine

    The rice noodle machine can not only make rice noodles but also can process various Chinese rice cakes.

  • Microwave Fruit Drying Machine
    Microwave Fruit Drying Machine

    This Microwave fruit dryer can process various fruits and this machine is featured by high efficiency,large capacity and easy operation.

  • Auto Capsule Coffee Maker
    Auto Capsule Coffee Maker

    Use capsule system to make full-boiled and tasty espresso coffee, also available to supply steam and hot water in low/tall cups.

  • Ice Whipping Machine(Single Pan)
    Ice Whipping Machine(Single Pan)

    1. Streamlined construction design 2. Popular around school, bus station, cinema, tourist sites

  • Multi-function Pasta Machine
    Multi-function Pasta Machine

    Excellent for restaurants and supermarket requiring high quality and reliability for continuous output.

  • Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
    Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

    The automatic powder packaging machine isused for packing detergent and powdered medicine in small and large quantities.

  • Electric Food Truck
    Electric Food Truck

    Electric food truck is just like a mobile restaurant, the truck design is of abundant space for processing and selling food.

  • Fried Food Deoiling Machine
    Fried Food Deoiling Machine

    TYA series of fried food de-oiling machine is widely used for extruding the food extra oil to ensure the fried foods taste good and more healthy for human body.

  • Sesame Cleaning Machine
    Sesame Cleaning Machine

    The sesame cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the sesame seeds and rape seeds, removing impurities efficiently.